Project Description

The Kaua ‘i County Public Works Department is sponsoring a project to design and build improvements to Hardy Street that will improve vehicular, pedestrian, and bicycle circulation. The project will implement “complete streets” concepts, making the street safer and more welcoming for all users, including cars, bikes, pedestrians, and transit. This project is funded with Federal Highway Administration funds and County of Kaua‘i funds.



In 2008, the County of Kaua‘i outlined improvements to Hardy Street in the Līhu‘e Town Core Urban Design Plan. Prior to that, in 2007, the County of Kaua‘i finished the Līhu‘e Civic Center Site Improvements Master Plan. The goals of both the Līhu'e Town Core Urban Design Plan and the Līhu‘e Civic Center Site Improvements Master Plan were to revitalize the Līhu‘e Civic Center, create a pedestrian-friendly town, and incorporate alternative modes of transportation such as bicycles and buses.

The project will reconfigure Hardy Street. There will be two travel lanes with a landscaped median, turn lanes, bike lanes, on-street parking, planter strips, and continuous sidewalks will run the entire length. The project will also include the installation of a roundabout at the intersection of Umi and Hardy streets. Supplementary improvements include drainage, utility adjustments, roadway lighting, crosswalks, and curb ramps.

The project will provide an improved and expanded bus bay, bus stop, and bus shelters for The Kaua‘i Bus on Hardy Street next to the Līhu'e Civic Center.



The project started in October 2013. Construction began in September 2014. The work is being done by Earthworks Pacific and SSFM International. The initial phase will be on Hardy Street between Rice Street and Kaana Street, and there will be no lane closures at this time. Check back for updates, or if you have any questions, please email us at HardyStreet@ssfm.com or call our hotline at 1-844-HARDYST (1-844-427-3978).